reVision - cloud image recognition

Enable technology companies to use the best available OCR engine with reVision.

reVision will expose an API to be used by your clients to extract data from scanned resources: images, pdf to complete the digitalization.


  • SaaS OCR - OCR as a Service
  • Easily demo the capabilities of the IRIS OCR engine
  • Scale easily to adapt to business spikes on OCR
  • Fast, accurate, big volumes
  • Easy integration of OCR On Premise or Cloud
  • Prepare for GDPR (search, retrieval) for already existing documents
  • Authentication, Rate-Limiting, Pay as you Go
  • The AI Engine will deliver faster, be more accurate and replace error prone, costly human resources
  • AI Engine improves and become smarter: better technology, more trained, switch to better or specialized engine wile keeping the interface
  • Open OCR to startups markets: Mobile, web



  • Shared folders: synology, ftp, email
  • Cloud folders: Dropbox/Google Drive/Box

Data extraction

  • Fully Unstructured: scan(jpg, png, tiff, pdf), mobile scan - extracted with OCR, multi-language text recognition, barcode, matrix code, classification
  • PDF (All types of PDF files including multi-page PDFs)
  • TIF/TIFF (Multipage TIFFs supported)
  • Images: JPEG/JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, GIF
  • ZIP, emails
  • On request Plotter PLT, HPGL, HPRTL, HPGL2, ECM, PostScript


  • Correction - crop, smart crop, filtering, rescanning
  • Transform - consolidate, standardize, cleanse, reconcile data
  • Automatic classification and clustering - invoices, timesheets, resumes
  • Image similarities

Sample Applications

  • docLess - document management software
  • Personal Data Scan - detection on scanned documents
  • Find Document by Image - search similar pages in existing documents by scanned image
  • Autofix - AI based data correction

Technical Features

  • Run the OCR engine on containerized linux servers in headless mode (non windows)
  • Image/text/ocr simillarities
  • Content automatic categorization and identification
  • Engines: Tesseract4, future: IRIS

Technology Stack

  • Infrastructure: kong, kubernetes, docker
  • Scala, Akka, Playframework, Java, Bootstrap4, Responsive

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