docLess - automation with great impact

Stay focused on the great things by letting docLess doing the paperwork automatically.

docLess is a document management software created to increase and maintain communication and transparency with your customers and collaborators, keep your data under airtight security, save time, money and frustration.


  • Enhanced security with electronic files. GDPR ready.
  • Search: instantly find the files you're looking for.
  • Access documents anywhere (with the Cloud).
  • Centralize and share all documents.
  • Stay organized and efficient.
  • Your clients expect you to be paperless and will appreciate and recommend you.
  • Save time and money - if an employee spends one hour per day filing papers, searching for files and simply walking back and forth from the records room, that would equate to approximately 250 hours per year (assuming a 5 day work week). If that employee is making 20 euros/hr, that’s 5,000 euros per year spent on simple paper filing tasks that could be eliminated by going digital.


Data extraction

  • scan(jpg, png, tiff), mobile scan, emails, docs(pdf,pdfa,word), mobile apps, websites, word

Data correction

  • crop, camscan like crop, filtering, rescanning

Information extraction

  • OCR, multi-language text recognition, barcode, matrix code, classification

Document Management

  • Classification, Labels, Search, Filters
  • Files: pdf, xml, word, text, items (forms, databases, csv, excel, xls)
  • Templates (multilanguage)
  • Virtual Documents (auto generated mix of pages, templates, items, images, hundreds and thousands of pages)
  • Multiformat Save - same document saved in multiple format for different purposes: image per page, doc, pdf, epub, html
  • Merge documents - mix items with templates
  • Transform: page extraction, reordering, mixed page size, break and header pages
  • History, Versioning, Backup

Flow Management

  • Customize flow as: Buy a scanner, Open a company (approvals and legal papers)
  • Generate documents from meta-templates (template collections)

Collaboration Management

  • Share with cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • Share: synology, ftp, links, emails
  • Identity Access Management (users, rights, keywords, labels, autoshare, team)
  • GDPR preparation by going fully digital

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